How ativan treats anxiety and seizures?

Ativan is the brand name of the benzodiazepines which is helpful in treating the anxiety, seizures, panic attacks, and disorder. It is the generic version of the drug that name is lorazepam. It is the medicine which is useful for taking relief from the symptoms of anxiety and seizures.

The main reason behind your condition is that you have stress in your life. With the help of this medicine, you are able to get relief from the excess worry, breathing problem, and insomnia or sleeping disorder due to the reason of having anxiety. It is also used to treat the withdrawal of alcohol.

How to use ativan?

Before taking this medicine, you have to take a prescription from the doctor and read and follow the instructions which are given on the label of your medicine. If you are unable to understand, then you can talk with your doctor about the important tips which you should consider.

Don’t hide your condition which you face and also tell them about the medical history which you still taking or stop taking them. If you are having any question or queries related to their use, then you can take help from your doctor.

Way to take

When it comes to deciding the dosage of their medicine, then your pharmacist consider some of the factors, those are-

  • age
  • the severity of your condition
  • a form of medicine to take
  • other medicines or condition

First, your doctor starts your dosage with low, to know your response towards this medicine. After some time if you are not getting a useful result, then your doctor increases your dosage.

While taking this medicine then you have to quit alcohol, drive and operate any machinery due to their side effects. You should not take or stop taking this medicine without the permission of your doctor.

Negative effects of this medicine

As we all know that all medicines are having some of the adverse effects as like that ativan also has some of the adverse effects which you should know before taking it.

  • depression
  • constipation
  • extreme sleepiness and lightheadedness
  • blurred vision and headache
  • weakness in the muscles

In conclusion, we conclude that after knowing these facts you should know that how ativan treats anxiety and seizures. When you are going to take ativan, then you should know these things which are above-mentioned.