Ativan- what are the side effects?

Ativan is the medicine which belongs to the benzodiazepines which is used to treat the anxiety and seizures. It directly affects the brain which helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and seizures. If you are facing the problem of the anxiety and seizures then, first you should visit your doctor, tell your doctor about your conditions that how you feel during this problem.

After knowing your condition if they prescribe you to take Ativan, then you should also ask from your doctor about its side effects. If you know about the side effects, then you take this medicine carefully and take exactly prescribe by your doctor.

Side effects-

Everything has some adverse effects if we don’t use it properly as like that Ativan also has some adverse effects which reduce the effectiveness of the result.

Side effects include-

  • vomiting
  • dizziness and drowsiness
  • lightheadedness and blurred vision
  • aggression in behavior
  • confusing nature
  • urination problem
  • the problem when we take breathe
  • dry mouth and swelling on the face and lips
  • rapid heart rate
  • mood swings
  • appetite problem
  • insomnia
  • muscles pain back pain
  • memory loss
  • itching
  • too much sweating

These are the several side effects which you face. If you face any one of them continuously then make an immediate call to your doctor.

Stop taking Ativan if you face any of the detailed side effects-

  • difficulty while taking breathe
  • seizures
  • allergic reactions
  • sudden changes in the vision
  • seizures
  • suicidal thoughts and behavior
  • urination problem
  • nervousness
  • changes in the sexual desire and ability

When you see these symptoms, then you should call your doctor and ask for their prevention.

How to prevent from side effects-

  • take exactly prescribed by your doctor
  • read and follow the instructions which are given in label of the medicine
  • avoid the consumption of alcohol
  • don’t drive and operate any machinery while taking Ativan
  • tell your doctor about your medical history
  • don’t hide the conditions and how you feel during anxiety

Ending words

When you are going to take Ativan on the recommendation of the doctor, then you should know about the side effects of the medicine. In the points as mentioned above, we consider about their side effects and tips to prevent from their bad effects.