Ativan- how is it addictive?

It is a type of drug which is used to treat the anxiety and seizures and panic disorder. Ativan belongs to the group of drug which name is benzodiazepines; it is the most famous drug which treats the anxiety. This medicine is used to treating the other conditions which are not mentioned in the guide of this medication.

It includes the various effects that are-

  • reduce the symptoms of anxiety
  • with the help of this medicine, you feel relaxed
  • reduce the experience of the seizures

Mainly it is used to treat anxiety disorder such as- feel relax to muscles, severe fear, panic disorder and attacks.

Legally ativan

If your doctor prescribes you to take this medicine then you are able to purchase, you are not able to buy this medicine after taking the prescription from the doctor.

It is not addictive if you take it exactly prescribed by your doctor.

Is Ativan addictive?

If you take this medicine then you are having a question in your mind that is- is it addictive or not? If yes, then you should call your doctor and ask them for this thing. Any brand name of the benzodiazepines is an addictive and habit- forming drugs when you are not taking by the prescription or carefully.

Some problem with Ativan 

As we all know that Ativan is used to treat the anxiety, seizures and panic disorder which are not for the long term. You have to take this medicine for getting short-term relief from the symptoms of these diseases.

There are some of the adverse effects of this medicine if you don’t take it carefully. Those side effects are-

  • appetite loss
  • nausea and vomiting
  • dizziness and drowsiness
  • insomnia and sleeping disorder
  • enhance anxiety and depression
  • irregular heart rate

These are some symptoms which you face after taking the medication of the anxiety and panic disorder.

Symptoms of addiction to Ativan

If you feel that now you are becoming habitual towards this medicine, then you face some symptoms-

  • depression and anxiety disorder
  • sleeping disorder or insomnia
  • seizure disorder

A person faces any of the symptoms then they have to call to your doctor and ask for the prevention.

Final verdict

Finally, these are some things that tell you that how Ativan is addictive towards you or if you are not taking it carefully.