Ativan- advantages and disadvantages

Ativan is the brand name of the benzodiazepines which is highly prescribed medicine. You can take this medicine by taking a prescription from professional health care. It is a type of drug, and your doctor prescribes you to take this medicine if you don’t get any result after trying so many medications.

At last, you should take this medicine for the better result and take relief from the symptoms of anxiety and seizures.

Advantages of Ativan-

  • It is used to get short-term relief from the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder.
  • It is also available in the form of an injection to treat the seizures.
  • Ativan is available in the generic version of the lorazepam.

Disadvantages –

  • You will face the drowsiness and dizziness due to this medication.
  • It increases the risk of depression and suicidal thoughts and behavior.
  • You are becoming habitual if you take it for longer.
  • It may interact with some medication, don’t take any medication while your treatment is going on.
  • Ativan is not suitable for those people who are suffering from liver and kidney disease.

As we all know that Ativan is used to treat anxiety and seizures, there are some of the benefits and risks of this medicine which are listed above here.

Tips to take-

If you want to get an effective result, then we are going to tell you about some tips which you should follow when you take Ativan.

  • You need to split the dosage of this medicine and take the largest dosage at the time of sleeping.
  • Take Ativan with or without food.
  • Take Ativan according to the prescription of the doctor.
  • Due to this medicine, you feel the sleepiness then you don’t drive and operate any machinery; otherwise it may be harmful to you.
  • If you are habitual of consuming alcohol, need to avoid while taking Ativan. It may cause severe side effects.
  • When you are going to standing or laying down then must be careful because you feel dizzy during your treatment.
  • If you feel that you have been habitual towards this, then tell to your doctor.

Ending words

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of taking Ativan. We also considered a few tips which are beneficial for you in getting a better result.